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Native Plant Nursery Assistant

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    Native Plant Nursery Assistant


    About the Conservancy:
    Since its founding in 1988, the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (PVPLC) has protected nearly
    1700 acres of open space as nature preserves on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in cooperation with local
    municipalities and resource agencies. Our vision is the creation and management of large blocks of
    natural open space where visitors may enjoy peaceful solitude, where children and adults can learn
    about the natural environment, and where locally native plants and animals will exist in a secure

    The PVPLC has an obligation to maintain or increase the wildlife habitat value of these preserved lands
    and keep to them open and available for public use in perpetuity. We encourage strong community
    involvement and support by connecting people of all ages with the land through nature walks,
    innovative environmental education programs, and outdoor stewardship volunteer opportunities.

    Job Description: The Native Plant Nursery Assistant will be responsible for the oversight of native
    plant sales and the development and implementation of nursery best management practices. This is a
    public-facing position, requiring customer service skills and ability to effectively communicate concepts
    about native plants, nursery operations and gardening. This position reports to the Stewardship

    ● Oversee all native plant sale activity including communicating with costumers, keeping records
    of orders, gathering plants for orders, and delivering orders as needed.
    ● Assist with in-person plant sales on Saturdays.
    ● Coordinate with Nursery Manager about all plant sale orders
    ● Continue to develop PVPLC’s retail nursery operation and assist in outreach and promotion to
    potential clients.
    ● Coordination and implementation of in person plant sale events and overseeing volunteers who
    help at those events.
    ● Continue to develop, assess and implement the PVPLC’s nursery’s best management practices
    ● Conduct weekly or bi-weekly pear baiting tests for detection of pathogens.
    ● Operate a professional steam generator to heat treat soil and potting containers

    Desired Skills and Qualifications:
    ● Passion for botany, ecology, or related science.
    ● Knowledge of Southern California coastal sage scrub and native grassland ecosystems; ecological
    restoration theory and techniques; proficient native and invasive species identification
    ● Experience in the propagation of and maintenance of California native plants and knowledge of
    Nursery Best Management Practices (including plant pathogens, heat treatment techniques, etc).
    ● Ability to work outside, perform physical labor for short periods of time, and travel on
    uneven/natural surfaces
    ● Ability to work effectively under pressure, managing multiple tasks to meet project objectives
    with the capacity to deal with technical and logistical challenges
    ● Exceptional writing and speaking skills
    ● Computer proficiency with Windows and Microsoft Office.
    ● Willingness and ability to travel, as required. Must possess reliable transportation for visiting
    properties throughout PVPLC’s service area.
    ● Experience with PowerPoint and Microsoft Office, Excel, Google Suite Applications

    Position Type: Part- time. Work hours are 15-25 hours per week.

    Compensation and benefits: $18/hour starting rate

    Working Conditions: Office and outdoors (all seasons)

    Physical Requirements: Ability to walk up on uneven terrain, work in a variety of weather
    conditions and carry moderately heavy loads of 20-30 pounds.

    Travel: Willingness and ability to travel, as required. Must possess reliable transportation for visiting
    properties throughout PVPLC’s service area.

    To Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume with references to: [email protected]