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Biological Science Technicians, USGS Sequoia Field Station

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    Biological Science Technicians, USGS Sequoia Field Station

    Summer Employment Opportunity
    Come work among the Giant Sequoias! Sequoia-Kings Canyon Field Station (USGS) is currently recruiting for summer 2023 Biological Science Technician positions in Forest Ecology and Fire and Fuels research.

    Pay: GG-4, 5, 6, and 7 (approximate range $16-$22/hour, depending on experience)
    Location: Three Rivers, California

    Positions are full-time, start in early May, and will last 4-6 months. Crew leadership positions will start in late April. Federal housing might be available for rent. Personal vehicle is recommended for off-work time. We are hiring up to 18 positions for 2 crews:

    Forest Demography project duties: Collect field data for long term forest research projects in Sequoia and Yosemite NPs. Measure forest demographics, including mapping and measuring trees and determining cause of death. Gain knowledge and experience in ecological research, identifying Sierran trees, forest pathology, and mapping trees. Up to 4 crew positions will be filled, including 1 crew leadership position.

    Fire/Fuels and Sequoia project duties: Collect field data on fuels in remote areas of the Sierras and remote Sequoia groves in Sequoia NP. Collect detailed surface and canopy fuel data in recently burned and unburned forests, as well as regeneration data. *Backpacking and extensive hiking required. Gain knowledge and experience in ecological research, fuels measurements, and tree mapping. Up to 13 crew positions will be filled, including 3 crew leadership positions.

    Qualifications: Must be a US Citizen in order to qualify. Some field work experience required. Additional experience required for crew leadership positions. See “Qualifications” section of job announcements.

    Prefer people with an interest in fire, forest, and/or field ecology; a demonstrated interest and physical ability in working outdoors in challenging field conditions, as well as backpacking experience. Successful applicants should have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy working on small field teams.

    HOW TO APPLY: The vacancy announcements open on 12/9 at 8am. DON’T APPLY BEFORE THAT DAY/TIME. Please read the announcements and follow the directions outlined below and in the announcement. **Note that there are 4 different announcements/grade levels, depending on your experience. Submit a separate application for each announcement/grade level that you are interested in.

    Email application documents to [email protected], between 8am PST 12/09/22 and 4pm PST 12/27/22.
    To be considered, please attach the following items to your email:
    • Cover letter describing interests, qualifications, and contact information
    • Resume – candidates must format their resumes correctly to be considered -
    o List the month, day, and year for the beginning and end of each position. (eg. 6/5/21-8/8/21)
    o Include hours worked per week for every job or volunteer position. (eg. 40 hours/week)
    o For all positions with any field or lab component, include detailed descriptions of field or lab duties and be clear that it was field and/or lab work. Include any volunteer experience/positions. Please do NOT eliminate details in your job descriptions to keep your resume to one page. Longer resumes are ok (2-5 pages)
    o If you have field experience listed under a university or college, clearly annotate that the experience was or wasn't related to attaining your degree
    • Unofficial transcripts showing degree major/minor and graduation date. If not yet graduated, include a full unofficial transcript so personnel can calculate classes.
    • Provide email and/or phone numbers for at least 2 references (3 preferable)
    • Put job announcement number in the email subject line for each application:
    o 39-23-01 GG-04
    o 39-23-02 GG-05
    o 39-23-03 GG-06
    o 39-23-04 GG-07

    MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE ALL REQUIRED ELEMENTS IN YOUR RESUME and APPLICATION PACKAGE IN ORDER TO QUALIFY. For further information on how to format your resume please go to

    For more information or assistance, call Anne Pfaff at (559) 565-3172 or e:mail at [email protected].​
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    The Sequoia and Kings Canyon Field Station is home to research programs that focus on wildfire patterns in Southern California, and the effects of drought on Sierra Nevada forests. Select the "Science" tab for a more comprehensive summary.