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    Forest Service Temporary Jobs

    Spring 2023 Wildlife and Plants Temporary Job Opportunities

    The positions listed below, including wildlife and plants Biological Science Technician positions starting Spring 2023, will be open for applications through September 29 through October 6, 2022.

    Opportunities are on most forests in Region 5 (California), and other FS Regions as well.

    Visit the Temporary Jobs page to find out which job is right for you.

    Job Opportunities
    Positions range from archeology technician to visitor information assistant. Seasonal jobs help the Forest Service achieve our mission by contributing to forest health, resource protection and fire prevention and suppression.
    • Forestry Technician (Fire) – Join the wildland fire organization as a seasonal firefighter assigned to wildfire suppression, prescribed burning, and fire prevention and preparedness.
    • Forestry Technician (Recreation) – Provide visitors to our national forests with safe access to a variety of recreational opportunities by maintaining, repairing and monitoring recreation sites, trails and campgrounds.
    • Forestry Technician (Timber) – Help manage and conserve our national forests by evaluating forest conditions and collecting data, planting and pruning trees, and assisting with timber sales.
    • Biological Science Technician (Wildlife) – Help protect and conserve wildlife by assessing animal populations, restoring and monitoring habitat, and evaluating projects for their effect on native species.
    • Biological Science Technician (Plants) – Help protect and conserve trees, forbs, grasses and other plants by conducting surveys, inventorying threatened and endangered plant species, and collecting and planting seeds.
    • Hydrologic Technician – Work closely with engineers, fish biologists and soils scientists to assess and protect the health of lakes, streams and springs on our national forests.
    • And many more! Explore your opportunities today!

    Join one of our webinars to learn more about working for the Forest Service. Webinars are typically interactive online seminars. Check out the sections below for more information.
    You may be prompted to download the free Microsoft Teams application. All webinars are available on-demand at the same link after the listed date.
    Eligibility & QualificationsTips for Job SeekersVirtual Job Seeker Consultations

    The National Strategic Recruitment Team offers virtual consultations to help job seekers start their federal careers with the Forest Service. Our 30-minute voice and video chats are available through the Microsoft Teams application (available for free download to your preferred device). We'll help you learn about current career opportunities and find resources for creating federal resumes, navigating USAJOBS, and understanding hiring eligibilities and qualifications. Please look through our bios below, then book a virtual consultation with a national recruiter today!

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