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Biotech Scientist for Presidio Trust

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    Biotech Scientist for Presidio Trust

    The Presidio Trust is seeking a Biological Science Technician. The Presidio is a unique national park located in San Francisco at the Golden Gate. The successful applicant will join a team of innovative land stewards working to restore wildlands and biodiversity to this diverse and changing landscape. On any given day at the Presidio, organizations are pursuing new ideas, scientists are conducting research, and people of all ages are volunteering, learning, playing, and exploring. Hundreds of former military buildings are animated by more than 3,000 residents and 200 companies, including high-tech start-ups, innovative non-profits, and others that offer a welcoming mix of visitor experiences. The park has a mosaic of cultural and natural plant communities, including historic gardens and forests and restored and remnant wetlands, sand dunes, grasslands, and salt marsh. Almost 400 native plant species grow here, several of which are endangered and grow nowhere else in the world.

    Our ideal candidate is passionate about conducting fieldwork in ecological restoration, volunteer management, inventorying, monitoring, and research. You have experience with the tools and practices of the trade, strong plant and animal identification skills, and an understanding of ecological science. You enjoy connecting people with the park and sharing your knowledge in plant and animal identification, wildlife management, and resource monitoring. You possess strong interpersonal skills and interact positively with the public, including volunteers, colleagues, tenants, and visitors.

    This is a full-time position with benefits and a minimum salary of $28.01 per hour. Applications received by April 25, 2022, will receive first consideration.

    • Manage all aspects of restoration at designated work sites. Install and maintain native plants with attention to the ecological requirements of each species. Control weeds using a variety of methods, including hand tools, power tools, and herbicides. Implement monitoring protocols to track rare plants and characterize plant communities at restoration and reference sites. Collect, organize and enter field data for tracking work performed and as part of monitoring events.
    • Leads volunteers, contractors, and fellow staff members' workdays on weeding and planting programs, including instructing new volunteers and students on the proper methodology for restoration techniques, motivating these volunteer crews toward working, and creating a safe and positive work environment.
    • Work with wildlife including conducting wildlife surveys, bird nesting surveys prior to vegetation, building oyster restoration, and possibly more.
    • Assist with the tool inventory and maintenance program. Install, operate, and maintain resource management tools.
    • Participate in the Integrated Pest Management Program at the Presidio, which may include using saws, weed whips, flamers, and spraying herbicide if the applicant has a Qualified Applicator's Certificate from the California Department of Pesticide Regulation.
    • Provide advice, assistance, and training to interns and volunteers involved in resource management projects and field research.
    • Provide information to other employees and visitors about the natural resource management program.
    • Occasionally respond to special requests for assistance with other natural resource projects or programs.
    • Writes reports annually on work completed throughout the fiscal year at restoration sites.
    • Work generally independently, but sometimes as part of a crew or leading a small crew.

    Required Qualifications
    • Ability to communicate information in a clear and concise manner and ability to work harmoniously in a team environment with people of diverse backgrounds.
    • Knowledge of established practices, procedures, and techniques of at least one biological science.
    • Knowledge of routine natural resource management practices, methods, and procedures, and basic knowledge of related regulations.
    • Knowledge or ability to learn data collection techniques, including installation, operation, and maintenance of testing and sampling equipment.
    • Ability to follow detailed sampling and laboratory procedures, train others to follow procedures, and recognize departures from established quality control/quality assurance guidelines.
    • Basic understanding of natural resource management principles and techniques to understand and communicate results to scientists and non-scientists.
    • Knowledge of basic word processing, spreadsheets, and data entry.
    • Values diversity and respects equity and inclusion for all staff, volunteers, and park visitors.
    • Current valid Driver's License

    Conditions of Employment
    • You must be a U.S. citizen to qualify for this position.
    Please visit to learn more and apply.